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admin : Friday, April 4, 2014, 11:46

Limited and accused of having second account

I have had a paypal account since the 24/08/13 I started a business on ebay which has been going great 100% feedback and I have done around 20 sales, so anyway I was just doing my normal thing updating ebay and I get a email pop up your paypal account has been limited, I have a look and apparently a buyer had an issue with an item but that got resolved on the 15th all she wanted was a tracking code to which i provided, so I ring paypal up an got a very rude irish chap to which he was saying that I have another paypal account? To which is the first that I know off and kept saying we are not going to unlimit you account I said to him look I have an email which states the issue is with a customer not happy with the item put me onto your manager and he hung up my account is going to a different team for them to take a look at but I know what the response is going to be, I have just under £600 in my account.


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