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: Monday, October 29, 2012, 11:52

Limited account, like so many of us

My story is no different than anyone else’s. I have been a so-called “ADVANTAGE MEMBER” of Paypal’s for YEARS and I actually use to think Paypal was GREAT! Then, just like all their other victim’s, they decided to LIMIT my account and after numerous phone calls and submitting all the information requested, my account is still frozen, my funds are still in the hands of Paypal and I am FUCKED! I’ve stopped calling because there is no point in speaking with the morons that take your calls. I’m definitely NOT going to give up because what Paypal is doing is absolutely ILLEGAL in my eyes and I want to know what the government is doing about that! Nevertheless, I want my money! I will join any class action suit that is willing to include me. I’ve done NOTHING wrong and they have NO right to do just steal everybody’s money. This is so ridiculous that I can probably right my own book!

Submitted By:: Wendy

Location-: Portland Oregon

One thought on “Limited account, like so many of us
  1. Doreen on

    I think we can all write a horror movie about our paypal experiences. Mine would be”Got limited again” I have supplied paypal with every document bearing my name and still they need to Verify who I am. Should I send my mother to San Jose to show them where I came from?? It is ludacris. I am not dealing with their shit anymore. They can keep my $17 in return for promising to never contact me ever again. I want nothing to do with them. Paypal is like a bad cancer spreading across this world.

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