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: Saturday, June 25, 2011, 13:44

Limited account, can’t contact PayPal

On March 15th, I received an email from Paypal stating my account was limited. The reason for the limitation according to PayPal is as follows-

“Our system detected that multiple PayPal accounts contain registration information similar to yours”.

I went to the resolution center on Paypal to contact them and was given a web pin, so I called, after listening to the recorded message I was transferred to another recording that stated, “you have reached a non working number“.

I then attempted to contact them via email. After two days, I was told to send a photocopy of my drivers’ license and a utility bill either by fax (no fax number supplied) or by email through the resolution center. I then logged on to my account to find there was no option to send the requested documents.

Back to the email to Paypal where (after another two days) they requested I delete all cookies and cash files from my browser. I did so only to have the same result. Back to email again, I requested they give me the email address this information needed to be sent, (two days later, no email address given) I was once again told to remove cookies and cash files from my browser, did so, same result.

I am not a new user; I have had this account for about fifteen years, what the heck is going on with Paypal? I tried to call again today and once again “reached a non working number”. How am I supposed to resolve this issue by sending the information when Paypal will not allow me to send it?

Submitted By:: T

Location: Tucson, AZ USA


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