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: Friday, January 25, 2013, 13:24

Limited account because my father (Whom I don’t speak to)

My dad had an account that he had not paid. Since he has the same name I do they “limited” my account. I called PayPal 3 different times and the first time they told me they would open a case to solve my issue. A month later I had not heard anything and called again. They said they were waiting for me to tell them my SSN, but had not contacted me in order for me to do so. Then I gave them the number. Nothing. Waited two more weeks. Then they took my money, STRAIGHT from MY account to pay for this account my father had held with a negative balance. It is an account I have nothing to do with and they took MY money. This is stealing. This should be illegal. Finally I got fed up and emailed them informing them how crappy their customer service was, how they had stolen my money, and how I planned to file a claim against them… Their response? THEY TERMINATED MY ACCOUNT. I’m serious.

Submitted By:: Allan Jacobsen

Location-: Minneapolis


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