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: Saturday, August 13, 2011, 14:44

Limited account and unrealistic system

I just moved to China to work recently and used my Australia PayPal account to pay for a service I have been using for years. PayPal must have some how detected I am at different location and froze my account altogether. This is a surprise to me because in the past years I have accessed this account from UK and Malaysia without any problem.

After learning from my service provider the payment was frozen, I quickly went onto PayPal and did whatever they asked me to unfreeze my account (changing password, changing security questions… etc). The most ridiculous one was asking me to add in another credit card. As I only have one credit card, I went to Profile page, tried editing my details as they told me to, and still did not get my account unfrozen.

I wrote an email to them from my account, and only got a what seems to be formatted replies from their selection of templates. After replying to that email telling PayPal customer service my issue 2 days ago, I have yet to receive a response. I tried calling their 1800 number but couldn’t get through, and found a proper customer service number from another website, the number (02-8223 9500) is no longer in use.

I tried registering a new account but they won’t accept it because they detected it’s the same credit card for another account (which is the one they froze).

Submitted By:: Happy T

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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