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: Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 15:48

limited account

the reason of my complaint is that i cant do anything in my account anymore, everything started when i applied for the paypal debit card. they asked me for some documents like the social security card, photo id.. the problem is that i dont have any of those docs.. because im illegal in this country for now, but im curently working on getting legal but is gonna take forever and you guys limited my account because of that and i cant use it anymore so i please ask you guy to unlimite my account so i can get my funds back or tranfer them to my bank account and then i can close my paypal account i dont want it anymore for the reason that you guy couldn’t help me even when i called costumer support a few times …i been a member for a little while now and i hate that this is happening please contact me asap i need my money back..

Submitted By:: angel aguilar

Location: lawrence road arkansas


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