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admin : Monday, November 18, 2013, 13:46

Limitation on debit card for no reason

On the 8th November I was able to make a donation using my debit card on a guest account.  Not that its really an account.  I do not have an account with them due to previous hassles and they wont let me have an account because I have had an account using the same bank details tree times.  However, the payment/donation I made on the eighth unkown to myself did go through.  But it did not register for three days on my bank account and there was no immediate email – in fact there was no confirmation email from paypal.  On the 12th I got an email from the organisation I donated money too thanking me for the donation.  Point is that between the 11th I tried again to donate.  This is where I found that I could not use my debit card.

The message came up that I needed to use another debit card.  I have phoned paypal several times over several days to get an answer.  Eventually I was told an limitation had been placed on the card.  They wont tell me why, but do say I need to send id into them to get it removed.  I refuse of course.  It seems they operate by innuendo.  They tell me they are trying to protect their customers/users and myself.  I ask from what.  They reply they need to protect the customers.  I say if you need to protect then I must be dodgy.  We never said that they reply.  We just need to protect ourselves and our customers.  That must mean you think I am bad or are a fraudster.  We never said that they reply.  And so it goes on.  Thing is in the UK their is innuendo laws, which paypal literally laugh at.  But is is innuendo – indirect or an accusation by association of being a criminal or dangerous.


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