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admin : Tuesday, January 21, 2014, 11:25

Just left both paypal and ebay

Just left both paypal and ebay , paypal refused to reopen a resolution case even though i opened one and choose partial refund then decided as good were damaged and unusable to cancel it , i cannot now reopen it and ask for a full refund , apart from the fact i would have had to send it back signed for delivery overseas at a cost to me of £9.80 , so i lost $32 , they are not interested . this isnt the first time purely as a buyer not receiving goods and having to go through their labyrinth of crap to chase back the full amount , its a joke , and ebay making you have to choose paypal and the lies about buyer protection have made me close both accounts . it will inconveience me but that shows how much i …did… spend online with these two corporate tyrants and i must have given them thousands over the past decade as i have bought so many items and when i used to sell give them even more in listing , end fees , inc on the postage cost , they will sting you every possible way , and then charges you another 5 or 6% or more to accept any amount , they dont deserve your money , we need an alternative to them for everyone to have a choice in not using them


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