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: Saturday, March 17, 2012, 12:17

Kelly-Mall Paypal Scam Ring

On February 21st I order a couple of pairs of new shoes from a website called Kelly-Mall that uses PayPal exclusively for payment.

I ordered the shoes and paid immediately.

Later that day I was informed by friends that Kelly-Mall was a scam. That people pay for shoes that they never receive and that occasionally people receive a small parcel with a rubber pencil in it or some garbage instead of their merchandise.

I then did some online research and true enough, Kelly-Mall was a fraudulent company and PayPal continues to let them operate without ever refunding peoples money under their buyer protection program.

Immediately I opened a case with PayPal to get my money back. First I had opened the case as “Item Not Received.” On March 8th, my birthday, a small packaged arrived for me in which I had to sign for. I wasn’t sure what it was because it was my birthday and surprised do happen. So I signed for it. I opened the small package to find a rubber pencil worth about 2 cents inside and that this had been sent from the Kelly-Mall people.

So now they have me on record as signing and receiving an item from them. Immediately I took photos of the parcel and sent it by mail back to the sender.

When I changed my PayPal dispute to “item received but not as described or significantly different,” and told PayPal that I returned it to sender immediately. PayPal then emailed me back and told me to mail the Rubber Pencil back to the seller with a tracking number. Well…the parcel had been sent back to the seller a week ago and there was no tracking number.

Furthermore, it’s infuriating because PayPal is aware of this company’s illegal activity, they know that they’re ripping off PayPal users; however, PayPal continues to let them operate on PayPal because they’re making money off of them.

I KNOW that PayPal will now refuse my refund, continuing to once again rule in favor of the continuous illegal activities from Kelly-mall because they protect criminals like this because it’s how PayPal makes money. They don’t protect the buyer because PayPal supports criminal activity because they are criminals.

Submitted By:: Shawn Merrill

Location-: Sooke, BC, Canada


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