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: Friday, September 7, 2012, 11:16

Just signed up and all ready regretting it

I just registered it this ugly PayPal thing (because i need to use it to buy something), and cannot verify my account number. PayPal says it have wrong format. I was entereing everything, IBANs, account numbers, with subaccounts, with/without clearing codes, everything, with/without punctations/dashes, etc. It is stupid. Also registration is stupid. I was not able to copy paste my password, I needed to manually enter 15 character long password I generated. Also it is stupid, that I am living in Switzerland, but speak Polish, and my nationality is polish, and I am paying to somebody else in USD (or EURO), and system forces me to pay in Swiss francs (CHF). Really, really stupid. Another stupid things is that help doesn’t work, it says there is no help in my selected language “English”, and says I should change my language to “English U.S.” ROTFL, but there is actually no such language avaialble to choose from (there is only English, French, German). I cannot even contact PayPal for support, because contact page also is not translated from English U.S. to English. There is no phones number or emails to conntact anybody. LOL. I tried creating ticket for my particular problem (this account validation), but there is no way to do this: There is only two options to select and nothing about general problems. Please sellers, switch to something more civilized, like moneybookers or Merchant inc., or anything other than paypal. Paypal is ugly, and essentially supports just visa and mastercard, and paying using bank transfer is SLOW in paypal. Other payment options, have houndrets (really) of payment options (specialized for each country and houndreats of banks and integration with lots of other payment systems), to make it fast, safe and easy for everyone.

Submitted By:: WB

Location-: Switzerland

One thought on “Just signed up and all ready regretting it
  1. Russel on

    Just wait until they start emailing you in Chinese, that is what they did to me. I have my paypal account registered in the US in English but for some reason paypal is insisting on sending me emails in Chinese. A very messed up company to try and dealing with and their website is always having some kind of technical difficulties

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