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: Friday, April 27, 2012, 10:22

It’s been one lie after another

I have sold a pool table over the internet and the person paid by paypal. Well it’s just been lie after lie. The buyer was suppose to pay for the shipping. Well I have been required to put up $450.00 for shipping cost, then $900.00 for Insurance of course the buyer has transeferred all this money to my account. Long story short I keep getting from them if I do this we’ll transfer the money. Well now I have officially paid the additional $900.00 and they told me the money would be transferred to my account HA! Now I have to wait for the insurer to return from Nigeria after I was told the money would be transferred after the last Western Union wire I sent within 24 hours. HAHA! The buyer and I are both frustrated with this group. Any suggestions?

Submitted By:: Candace

Location-: Fredrick, Maryland

4 thoughts on “It’s been one lie after another
  1. L M on

    You are getting scammed! Nigeria and western union should have tipped you off. Cancel any transactions that you have paid because you will not get your money back. This is a common scam. Don’t send the pool table. The buyer is scamming you!

  2. Essie on

    #1 suggestion I can give you is dont work with paypal under any circumstances. They mess with you royally especially when you ship over seas. I learned to do business only with the US.

  3. Brooke Turco on

    Im sorry to hear that! Nigeria is a well known country to credit card scams and I guess pp scams as well. I can offer any suggestions but I guess take a mental note from here on out.

  4. Chance on

    Yep, afraid you are being scammed and that sucks! Paypal’s system is full of scammers and good people are being scammed every day thanks to Paypal. Don’t go any further unless you want to be out the product AND the money.

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