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: Monday, February 11, 2013, 13:59

It’s a shame paypal always sides with scammers

Had someone purchase a motorcycle that was originally posted on Ebay. After the buyer sent $9,500 and had a shipper coming to get the motorcycle, on the VERY day the shipper was supposed to pick up the bike AND the check had been given to the dealer that asked us to sell the bike and whom cashed the check, the buyer tried to scam us by telling me I wasn’t permitted to transfer the funds for 17-21 days and that he wanted his money back. The buyer filed a claim with Paypal, which Paypal originally sided with me, then the buyer filed through his credit card and Paypal said they were going to dispute the claim but never did and now Paypal is hounding me for the money. I have since gotten an attorney, who is looking into this, but long story short, the buyer was trying to essentially get the bike and then file a claim to get his money back, which Paypal obviously would have done, and then I would be left responsible to the dealer for the sale of the bike. This buyer threatened me, said he contacted every law enforcement office in the book (which has proven to be a total lie as I checked ALL of those he claimed he contacted and I asked him for a report number which he was never able to give me). It sucks that we do legitimate business and have buyers like this who have essentially blocked our ability to conduct business on Ebay and Paypal and Paypal sides with them rather than even looking at the facts as well as documents that show we did the sale legitimately.

Submitted By:: Bobby

Location-: Daytona Beach FL


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