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: Saturday, February 25, 2012, 12:16

item not as described scammed me out of $300

I sold a brand new piece of electronics few weeks ago, shipped with UPS insured. Buyer was ready to scam me and instantly filed a “item not as described” claim. Paypal froze my funds, and allowed her to send it back of course. She sent back a different cheap plastic item , and even though I called Paypal right away and had photos, they sided in favor of the buyer. Even though:
1: she had a history of doing this same thing, you can tell by reading her feedbacks
2: my package weighed 6lbs when I sent the item, and hers only weighed 2.9 lbs. clearly not the same box contents.
I appealed Paypal twice after their refund to the buyer, they did not care. They always side with the buyer. “she provided a tracking number, and you signed for it”.
I even videotaped the UPS guys dropping the box down and us opening it to reveal the wrong item. They don’t allow video footage in claims though. I no longer trust paypal as a seller.

Submitted By:: John

Location-: Seattle, WA

One thought on “item not as described scammed me out of $300
  1. ed on

    and this is why i never sell on ebay anymore. it is way too easy to get scammed as a seller

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