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: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 12:32

Item not as described and unusable, Paypal dismisses legitimate claim

On August 2nd I won a mobile phone on Ebay, Item No. 160628194800, which was missing only a data cable according to the seller, zybch.

He sent me a mobile phone wrapped in foam. It just had the single battery in it, an advertised case and the phone’s only battery and that’s all. There was no manual, no charger, no second battery, no earpiece. His ad could have simply said he was selling just the phone and its battery. He would have got no replies though.

I don’t know what charger, etc. to buy, because there is no manual and the phone is not a name brand. The seller said the phone was in the same condition as when it was bought. It was scratched, battery life run down and there was nothing from the original packaging.

Paypal dismissed the claim even though the description was completely misleading and despite the fact that a phone without a charger or manual to say what type of charger is required etc, is unusable. The phone is described by the seller as being the same as Ebay Item 180624582794.

Submitted By:: D.E.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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