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: Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 14:20

Item delivered and positive feedback received but funds still on hold

Have held my money for 2 weeks despite the fact that the item was delivered with positive feedback. I spoke to 4 pay pal reps as well as 2 ebay reps all giving me different information. At one stage I had the ebay and pay pal rep on at the same time and the Ebay rep told me my funds should be released. The two reps were actually disputing each other on the 3 way phone call and finally I hear the line go silent (I assume to mute my line so I couldnt hear them) and when they came back, the ebay rep rescinded her comment that my funds should have been released and it went back to ANOTHER 3 days! Mind you, I purchased the postage through ebay and pay pal, so they had the tracking, the seller has already given me poitive feedback, both bey and pay pal have taken their fees (immediately) and my funds are STILL being held for no apparent reason. I am PISSED

Submitted By:: Christopher Derouana

Location-: Allentown PA


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