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: Wednesday, July 25, 2012, 10:50

It took PayPal 2 minutes to side with lying buyer

I sold a laptop for parts, listed accurately as to what the condition was. I spent over $25 on the shipping and when I mailed it out slightly late, offered the buyer a $5 refund/ He demanded half of the purchase price as a refund, and when I refused, he sent ebay and paypal a complaint, lying about the condition of the laptop. It took 2 minutes after the complaint was filed for them to find in his favor. He immediately mailed the laptop back to me, to an address that was not mine, nor given to him by me. This happened in a span of 2 hours while I was at work. When I got home, I saw ebay’s judgement and that the laptop was mailed out. I checked the tracking number and the address was wrong. I complained to ebay/paypal and they said I never provided him with the correct address, bearing in mind he sent it out two hours after their judgement was made. Only someone who spends every minute on their computer constantly refreshing ebay would have gotten their in time. So now they are doing absolutely nothing to get my laptop returned to me and they are claiming I owe them $82 and the amount is showing red in my paypal account. I am filing a lawsuit againt paypal and ebay tomorrow.

Submitted By:: Greg Winston

Location-: Catalina

2 thoughts on “It took PayPal 2 minutes to side with lying buyer
  1. 201NJ on

    I had bull s^%t dispute filed against me from a asshole buyer that wanted something for nothing and got it from PayPal. I sold computer parts to him and they were exactly as described and in working condition. And rather then contacting me regarding the problem, which there was no problem he just wanted hos money back and keep the parts, he filed a dispute. PayPal was so fast at ruling in the dispute that I got the email regarding the dispute at the same time I received the email regarding the outcome of the dispute. I never had a chance to state my case. Paypal refunded the merchant who sent me back a box with a can of catfood. I am so f-ing pissed right now.

  2. Oliver on

    I thought I was the only one that had this problem with payapl. I guess not. I also sold a laptop for parts and described it as it was. The buyer files a dispute and within maybe 10 minutes paypal sided with the buyer and I was F$%^ed. They didn’t even give me a chance, I immediately closed my account and took my business elsewhere

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