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: Friday, September 30, 2011, 15:15

Is PayPal having its own cashflow problems ?

Obviously PayPal’s latest gimmick of withholding funds from eBay vendors is an indication of more serious problems at PayPal itself.

These actions by PayPal are arbritary, totally unjustifiable and, quite probably illegal.

Because PayPal is not a bank, they do not come under Federal Banking Regulations and can pretty well do what ever they can get away with.

If you are a vendor using PayPal, I would be very cautious about leaving excess funds on deposit with PayPal for any longer than is absolutely necessary . . .

Submitted By:: Richard

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

One thought on “Is PayPal having its own cashflow problems ?
  1. Amy on

    I think we should all call paypal and bombard their phone system with complaints. I use the paypal account to ship my items, and I cannot access the money for three weeks. It is ridiculus. If enough complaints come in, they may change it.

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