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: Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 10:57

IS anyone interested in a class action suit against pay pal for holding shipping fees?

Ok SO perhaps it is not illegal for Pay Pal to HOLD funds owed us-but isn’t it illegal to HOLD SHIPPING FEES? Especially since they will take their fees regardless of when -they get around to releasing funds!? I am asking that someone A big attorney take a big hard case against them and do this-I don’t care if i get one red cent-It would be very nice to force them out of business or see whom-is behind them instigating these sorts of hokey pokey practices after many successful years that both buyers and sellers have -helped them become what they are! This is so stupid and probably much more serious than they are letting on. Seriously this is NOT a good sign people ! Please wake up because I am sure there are people that depend on this for their lively hood.

Submitted By:: RKM

Location: Dothan Alabama


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