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: Friday, April 26, 2013, 12:56

Ipad 2 arrived damaged and without charger, what do I do?

I bought an Apple IPad 2 It arrived today without a charger, useless without a charger and it has seen heavy use which was not accurately represented in the ad I purchased. The seller has a 20% restocking fee which amounts to 70.USD. I do not want this item because of the damage to the corners and it is actually bent a little where the charger would plug in, if it were sent. What is my course of action. I bought it using paypal so Ebay sent me them. I do not want the item and will not pay 20% restock. They could make a nice living pulling that deal. The ad did not indicate a 20 % restock or any restock at all. Where do I return this?

Submitted By:: Kelly R

Location-: Stacy, MN


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