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: Thursday, December 27, 2012, 13:17

Increased sales revenue leads tomoney laundering investigation

The issue I have is that many of our payments are processed through Paypay
and coming into Christmas we experienced sales growth of 1000% (not too
shabby in this economy) – and because of this Paypal (who are registered in
Luxembourg) put a hold on my account so that all I can do is receive money –
I can’t pay anyone, withdraw money into my bank account or do anything
meaningful with the funds I’m generating. The reason they put a hold on my
account is because of our increased sales revenue, they are required to
complete a money laundering investigation. The funds are held while this is

This has now been going on for three weeks and Paypal are now holding the
best part of £30,000 of my money with no way for me to access it.

Submitted By:: Axel

Location-: UK


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