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: Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 12:50

Impossible to talk to someone at Paypal

Been trying off and on for 4 years to talk to someone at PayPal to open my frozen account. I have tried to open a new account and use a new password, etc. Get stuck in loops. Got very close once, but their system goofed up the teller at the bank and also me. They won’t answer my emails as promised. The robot answers are stupid, it does not understand my emails etc. PayPal somewhere along the line has decided they are making enough money off existing customers and don’t want any new ones and so they do I will personally love to kick somebody’s ass for all the time that I have lost.

Submitted By:: Reginald

Location-: Texas

One thought on “Impossible to talk to someone at Paypal
  1. Geo, USA on

    Yours is just among the list of general problems that I have when it comes to dealing with paypal. The closest I’ve gotten to quick answers or resolutions is asking their virtual agent “Sarah” and half the time she doesn’t understand my issue. Once an account is closed with them you can not reopen it anyways, you have to start from scratch. I wouldn’t recommend dealing with them on any level. Four years is long enough to waste on them, there are way too many better solutions out there.

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