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admin : Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 15:13

Its impossible to get a refund. At least this is what I was told

I use to purchase regularly on ebay my last purchase was a cellular phone which I  purchased from a seller in China. The phone was supposed to be just like the galaxy note 2 the phone was trash. I returned the phone spent 83.33 plus 20.19 in shipping now Im out of 103.52.

When I file a dispute paypal told me to send it back they found in my favor. And they would refund my money back I check my card several times the money was never put back on the card.  Then I contacted paypal I was told to fax a copy of the receipt with tracking number when I did they found in my favor and the money suppose to be credited back to my card in three day still no money. I contacted them several more times still no refund.

I got frustrated and start ask for the corporate office number they told me so many lies they don’t have the number and the numbers they give were nothing but fax numbers you can’t even email. The seller contact several times saying they were going to issue me a refund  still no refund since the phone was sent back to China out of the united states it is unable to be tracked so the seller can claim they didn’t receive the item back.

Its impossible to get a refund. At least this is what I was told.  I was also told by the paypal customer service after the computer dated you will receive a refund you will not loose your money now today they tell me they found in favor of the seller I think is because I file with the bb so they or mad. I going to see if I can file a compliant with the federal government about there unfair business practice acts and Im going to include in my  complaint this website’s proven im not the only one who is being taken advantage of.


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