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: Thursday, June 7, 2012, 11:12

I’m pissed and looking to file or join any class action lawsuits

I had sold 3 pearl Jam shirts to a woman in Germany. She purchased them off of a pearl jam message board and before I sent I took pics of the shirts. Sure enough she gets them and doesn’t like them. She claims they are the wrong size. Well she files a dispute with paypal and I call and speak with 4 different reps over a 4 week period and they all say based on my info and pics I should be fine but they have to wait until May 31st to see if she responds. Sure enough today she responds and they close the case giving her the money and me the items. The lady on the phone said I would need to send them a suppena to see what info the buyer sent. I told them I would not only do that but I would sue paypal for an illegal monopoly. They are with ebay now. I told them look at my pics (she wouldn’t) She even told me there is no protection for the seller. I am looking to file or join any class action lawsuits.

Submitted By:: Brad

Location-: Bronx, NY


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