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: Thursday, April 25, 2013, 13:24

I’m out a sweet turntable and 600 bucks.

I sold a dj turntable to a buyer in Brazil. He sent me roughly $600 to cover the item and shipping. He also sent an email requesting the turntable be sent by USPS Priority mail. I did all this, provided all tracking and customs info, and after 44 days he opened a dispute saying he never received the item. Paypal froze my acct immediately. They requested shipping and tracking info, which I provided along with the buyer’s shipping instructions. Then they asked the buyer for customs info from Brazil. He never responded. After a couple weeks they closed the case in his favor and have been coming after me for the money ever since. I’m out a sweet turntable and 600 bucks.

Submitted By:: DJ

Location-: Dallas


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