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: Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 22:30

I’m not a memeber

I’m not a member of Pay Pal and if you have anything to do with this transaction, as I have purchased on the internet, you will be hearing from my attorney.My husband used to be a member but told me he asked you to take him off as a member but I guess you have not done so, because it is saying I’m a member and I am not..If you insist on getting involved and I am not a member, you will get more then a complaint from the BBB I can assure you.

Submitted By:: Josephine Anfuso

Location-: Lake worth

One thought on “I’m not a memeber
  1. Interview Marketers on

    Did you get an email too? I received an email from paypal saying they needed my credit card number, social, and DOB in order to validate a transaction. I would have fallen for it had it not been for the fact that my account has been closed for six months. I can’t stand their scamming ways.

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