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: Tuesday, September 11, 2012, 13:18

I’m fed up with eBay and Paypal

Plain and simple, I’m fed up with eBay and Paypal for their false possitions on feedback. dis[utes and refunds. I’ve opened disputes with buyers who have damaged items and returned them in a condition other than sent, which is mail fraud as defined byt the USPS. I’ve have more than my share of non paying bidders. More recently, I’ve had many sellers who give shoddy service and descriptions of their listing, hence I have left them 1 star ratings and neutral or negative feedback response. Today, I received a communictions warning me the feedback I left has been removed and I am in jeopardy of being restricted or suspended…..Well fuck them and I will now do my best to screw them of fees and limit my future purchases.

Submitted By:: Lenny

Location-: Olympia

One thought on “I’m fed up with eBay and Paypal
  1. gwen k on

    Me too! How are they still in business and how do they still have users? They screw the sellers and they screw the buyers yet every year they have increased earnings and bigger profits. I think that makes us all suckers for using their service.

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