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: Wednesday, September 12, 2012, 9:53

I’m a lawyer and I sued paypal and won

I sold a complete set of 1997-98 Skybox Rubies (250 cards, each #/50) for $45,000 to a buyer from NY who paid in installments on paypal. After receiving the payments, Paypal froze my account, claiming that I needed to show proof of delivery, which I did. They then refused to release about $25,000 in funds because of an old account I had 10 years ago that had a dispute of $400, which was closed. I sued Paypal (I’m an attorney), and they settled the case, paying me my money in full, closing the old account, but they wanted me to sign an agreement saying I would never talk about the case. I refused, and they still settled the case, but I did have to agree that I would never sign up for a Paypal account again. DO NOT CAVE INTO THEM. THEY ARE LIARS AND CHEATS. They lied on my case, and if I wasn’t an attorney, they probably still would have my money.

Submitted By:: Steve

Location-: USA

3 thoughts on “I’m a lawyer and I sued paypal and won
  1. hellaman on

    Bet you paypal did not see that one coming. They are so used to abusing their users that when someone stands up and fights back they really don’t know what to do. If just everyone that got screwed by paypal was an attorney like you…..

  2. Andrea on

    please get in touch,having big problem’s with pay pal holding fund’s from sale’s

  3. Rolando on

    What if paypal does not pay my money after 180 days hold? Can they be figth back legally?

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