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: Wednesday, January 25, 2012, 12:59

I want to file class action lawsuit against Paypal

I have been humming along (fairly) unscathed. I sold a few hundred dollars worth of items in the last 7 days. Received money as usual without incident. Shipped items immediately. Posted all the shipping crap to the paypal site. Last night, without warning a late payer (2nd chance auction) pays her item, a whopping $21 purchase. I get a notice that my funds are on hold for 21 days, because you know the drill, “risky account transactions”, “need to build a history” blah, blah, blah. I have been on ebay since 1999 and paypal as long without ANY major incident. yeah, I’ve had my share of assholes who want to F*CK with me, and post negative and claim crap for refunds, but all was handled no problem, but nothing excessive by any means. Well, seems now, that since ebay says, last summer, when buyers post feedback to my account, they are not giving me FIVE STARS on my shipping and handling COSTS! So I have a rating of 15 instead of 1 or 2. Therefore, I have now “below standard” – and therefore ebay has right to tell paypal to hold my funds for 21 days!! The OPINION of buyers that they have to PAY for shipping which is FULLY disclosed in my auction should have NOTHING to do with HOLDING my funds from my sales.

I WANT TO file a class action lawsuit against these idiots!

PLEASE – someone out there HAS to know how we can get together and make this happen!

Submitted By:: Marcia

Location-: Canada

89 thoughts on “I want to file class action lawsuit against Paypal
  1. Ashley on

    I just had the same thing happen to me. I do not even sell on Ebay anymore. I sell on my own sites. They said I’ve violated their terms because I have Uggs for sale on my site and they may be fake. They are not… We buy from the Ugg store and have for years. I’ve been with them since 1999. I’ve had no complaints or returns. What is going on. Just switched everything to Google checkout. I never kept money in paypal, but still to cancel my verified account that has a ss number, bank account and credit card attached after 13 years is insane. No wonder Ebay has no business anymore.

  2. Shane Reed on

    I am on board if a suit goes through. I complained to my state about paypal holding funds, and you should see the the letter I got back. Would be glad to forward it to anyone. basicly they told me I have to accept Paypal terms, they can do what they want, and if I don’t like it; take my business elsewhere.

  3. Larry on

    EBAY/PAYPAL, NEW RULES, OPENING A GAPPING HOLE FOR THIEVES! As stated by Marcia, I to had the same trick played on me by the dynamic dual. Before I go any further let me say I HAD been actively with ebay & paypal since back in the late 90′s, and have had few problems up untill now, when they first started things worked out great for all, but they just couldn’t leave it alone, they kept changing features on the site which kept making it worse with each change, now it’s to the point, they insist on controlling EVERYTHING! Thus putting more money in their pockets. Back to the original subject: I sold a platinum ring for $350.00 to a buyer that had a LOWER feedback score than myself, fortunately before I shipped it I went into my paypal account to transfer some of the funds into my checking account, only to find out I couldn’t. So I right away called Paypal to ask whats up? Paypal first told me it was probably because I had only posted 25 items or less for the past thirty days, I said can’t be because I’ve posted less prior and had no problems, then she said Ebay has the hold on it I need to call them, which I did. Ebay rep said it is on hold because my shipping stars are too low, I said I have NEVER once failed to ship an item within the allotted time (4 days) shown on my auctions, her reply, sorry nothing I can do about it. Yes I went off on her, told her NO PAY, NO SHIP and hung up on her. Now SUPPOSE the newbe buyer gets this ring, but says he disapproves, Ebay tells him he will need to return it with a tracking number, for a full refund, less shipping. Clever guy, keeps the ring, ships out an empty package to my address with a tracking, that shows I got it back, so now I’m out my $350.00 & he gets a free $350.00 platinum ring! Wahla! I did say suppose, I didn’t ship the ring, not going to take that chance, I canceled all of the items I had for sale, and have taken the first steps to closing my Ebay account. One mistake I did make was paying Ebay before I was aware my paypal account was put on hold, but in the end Ebay will get their money no matter what, and I bet I’ll still have to pay the final value fees! So YES if there ever is a class action lawsuit against Ebay and or Paypal COUNT ME IN!

  4. Fred on

    I will join any class action suit against eBay and paypal too. I toohave been on eBay since 2000. I have 100% feedback as a buyer and seller. They held my money for a risky seller bulls#!t excuse. They lied to me saying this policy had been in effect for 2 years. I sold 2 items of higher value with no hold last year. Then they told me I needed to sell 25 items. I had sold 2 less. Then askebay told me to sell 2 items quickly to free up money. I did, they still have my money. Then they told me i was an inactive seller. I am not a store or professional seller. I have a real job. eBay has screwed up everything from higher fees to this ever changing seller policy. Plus they screw you anally by fociing you to use paypal as your only option. They also only offer to release postage funds, while holding your funds. They say use our pre-addressed postage labels. But screw you, if you don’t have a printer. I have had enough of eBay. If it was sued out of existence, I’d be happy. Let me know if there are any class action lawsuits to join. Thank you.

  5. Tcat Houser on

    Yes, I think a class action lawsuit is in order. Count me in. I cannot pay a $1.87 bill to eBay because I don’t want their ‘protection’ of my credit card or bank data in there hands after a ID thief charged $997. against my account, ripped off from a web site for a $40 soup mix sale.

    I will use as a point for rally if desired.

  6. Felix Negron on

    We have been doing business flawlessly with our customer for over six month since we started accepting credit cards. Unfortunately they said we need to hold 20% of each transaction on hold and after 30 days we will review your account and return some funds to you. The problem they want to keep the money for 120 days not paying interest. Currently they have over 5,000 usd and the goods have been delivered, paid and custome happy and they still hold the money. Called Several times and always gave me the same old story. Opened account with payjunction and Bank of America and I am currently doing business with them. “I took my business elsewhere”. I recommend to take your banking elsewhere…..

  7. Alex on

    Count me in on any class action lawsuits. I’m having the same experience here as everyone else and am planning to stop selling on eBay asap. The bottom line is that these huge corporations are not going to end their shady practices until enough people get together to force the issue. They never seem to realize the problems they’re creating for themselves until it’s too late and all the executives are bailing with their golden parachutes. The reality is that without the sellers these companies wouldn’t even exist. Recently, more and more of these class action lawsuits are being won or settled in the little guy’s favor so it can definitely happen. Someone just needs to get the ball rolling. I’d do it myself but unfortunately I have to wait 21 days for my money to be released so I can’t even think about paying any attorney consultation fees right now! Sad but true.

  8. T. kindle on

    I have a lying customer who claims not to have received an item that I purchased delivery conformation on. PayPal has debited my account for almost $500, which is actually funny because there is nothing in there. I now have a negative PayPal balance??? I wanted to remove my banking information since I’ve heard horror stories about PayPal feeling free to deduct from bank accounts that are listed. Needless to say, PayPal will not allo me to remove MY own banking information. My bank account does not have PayPal listed on it. My checks do not have my name $ PayPal. I feel a person should be able to add, delete, or edit their finical information or any other information when they want or need to. Is this not still America? Let other countries deal with PayPal however they will, but PayPal needs to know that their draconian ways will not work here! We have rights and they are not to be ignored!

  9. Michael Smith on

    Nobody wants to get together anymore because Capitalizm in the west has failed. The system is so corrupt and bankrupt, that filing a lawsuit takes too long. Better just wait until the system finally crashes on its own, than let Paypal get goverened by the Ruling Political Party.

  10. Justin on

    A minimum reserve of $5000.00 was placed on my account on July 29, 2010 at 09:34 CDT. The reason that was given to me for this action was for protection against charge-backs in the event that I did not have the funds available to cover the amount. From the date that the Minimum Reserve was placed on my account until the date of this email, I have not incurred any charge-backs at all and a minute amount of issued refunds that I was always more than capable of covering using available funds. So for more than 2 YEARS they have been holding $5000.00 of MY money hostage so that they can make interest off of it for themselves. Every attempt to contact them to release this hold has resulted in an automatically generated response saying that I should “refer to the User Agreement” and that “if this did not resolve my questions to reply back to this email and someone would respond within 48 hours”. I have sent an email EVERY day for 2 years and still have not received a reply. Something HAS to be done about the thievery PayPricks are committing.

  11. Royce on

    I don’t use PayPal that often, but have been a customer since 2001. I normally use if for small things, but I had a couple hundred dollar transaction and I receive a notice that I need to be verified. Nevermind that I had already been verified so I try to verify via their website. I get timed out and never received the phone verification code after requesting 3 times; so I call customer service. First thing the guy tells me is that it looks like I am money laundering. WTF??? Seriously. before the couple hundred dollar transaction my total purchased for the year were less than 10 dollars. The person I was buying from was a verified business account holder. So they tell me I have to get verified and that I need to send them a utility bill photo ID and a host of other BS requiring me to disclose in detail my relationship with the seller and a detailed description of what I am purchasing. The seller refunds the money back to my account because they told him the same thing and the money was returned to my account. Since I can do nothing with the money until I verify I spend 6 hours doing everything they ask for verification and then call customer support to have the limitation removed. He confirms that I have met all their requirements and that my account limitation will be removed in 12-24 hours. This morning I receive an email that says that due to their security my account is closed and they are holding the money for 180 days. WTF??? So they have the right to search and seize my assets whenever they want? Complete violation of 4th ammendment rights, in addition to slander by accusing me of money laundering with no proof only ‘a feeling’. PayPal used to be a good company until eBay bought them. I am in for a class action lawsuit against them. Only way to get them to listen to customers is to hurt them in the pocket book. Anyone know where to sign up for a class action against them?

  12. dan on

    Hello, I am a PayPal customer that has been having extreme problems with paypal. Our eBay screen name is Thedicountclub. We are a seller on eBay and sell over 2000 items a month with all $$ going through paypal. Since June 13th 2012 paypal has been holding 5% of our funds daily. This has amounted in $3000.00 since jun 13th and growing. After numerous calls we have gotten nowhere. They are not willing to release these funds and do not seem to care. I have spent hours on the phone over the last several months pleading to them to stop doing this. They don’t care! Paypal is rude and unpersonable at best! It is like talking to a human robot:)
    This is an obvious scam in holding money to make money. Investors I’m sure invest on the daily in stocks and other channels to make money with our (the customers) Money$$. This is CRAZY! No other institution in the world does this. They are the NEW AGE OF GANGSTERS & MOFIA. There is nothing they can convince me of that justifies what they are doing. I have a business and have been selling for several years now and never have they done this before or ever had a need to. We pay all our bills including the 4+% we pay them every time we collect a payment. The fund holdings need to be stopped. It is a total injustice within a private criminal system called Paypal. These internet collection sites need to be controlled or we will never be free on the internet as we are on the streets. This money holding is an invasion of our personal rights! It also sets in motion a criminal formula for Paypal to profit off of their customer’s daily balances. I guarantee Paypal is investing this money in something, even if for a short time, to make gains off of our money. This adds to the company’s daily worth!!How can they lose??They are set to make millions or more. Imagine you do this to millions of customers??The mind boggling amount of money these thief’s are taking from their own customers is staggering. I could only imagine telling all my customers “Hey we are tired of being ripped off so you every purchase you make we will have to hold 5% off whatever you buy for 4 months. Then we will ship the balance!!! Deal with it!!
    This is literally what they have done…and are doing.
    As I just got off the phone I am so angered as to why they tell me they are doing this. I am told by several PayPal reps that they are doing this is protection of clients closing their accounts and leaving paypal with a negative balance. This is the CRAZIEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD! It is not my problem what another paypal client does with his or hers account. Secondly PayPal is a company that makes money. If they take a loss on someone’s account that money should be their responsibility not mine! We have never had a problem with our account for this to be happening. It is bad enough we have to fight for funds from clients, we should not have to fight for funds from our own internet banking site that we pay. We pay their paychecks and this is what we get. Without us PayPal would not exist and this is how they treat their customers!! Ridiculous. I want to be in the forefront of a lawsuit. I am willing to do anything and everything to see this is stopped. Please contact me for more information. I would love to speak with someone further about this injustice.

  13. Kevin on

    PayPal is currently trying to thwart any future attempts of Class Action Lawsuits against them with their new terms of use agreement. Here is how to opt out of it so you can retain the option of having a Class Action Lawsuit against them in the future:

    Note: Imo it is disgraceful how PayPal is attempting to make itself above the law that normal business follow. They must really think that they have something to lose from a Class Action Lawsuit or they would not do this.

  14. Echo USA International, Inc. on

    PayPal did not protect me when two Chinese companies from the same association Alibaba sent me knowingly defective cameras on two occasion. Advising me to send it to eBay to someone unsuspecting. I found paypal was a business associate of the company or Association? Never recieved all my money on one the other I was not paid at all.

  15. Darryl Willaman on

    Count me in if there is a lawsuit. They screwed me over for over $100 last time and I need the money. I am on gmail. Dgwill.

  16. Jan parra on

    They closed my account and now are holding my money they close me out of false assumptions because they assume that my items where counterfeit and I have prove of the provider they told me that the decision was made already… This is unbelievable !!!!

  17. Dominick on

    Include me in any class action lawsuit against eBay and Paypal.

  18. Jose Sosa on

    Contact me, I’m trying to gather a group of people to file a class action against paypal anybody reading this please contact me, this is serious, will give details on email, once this goes pubic is going to snowball, we can be rich because of paypal’s wrong doing!!!

  19. Jose Sosa on

    Got an attorney ready, just need enough people to file this, my story is pretty simple, paypal is limiting my account because of someone with a similar name than mine owes them money, I refuse to pay this money since I’m not that person. I’d been my whole life in the same state, this person has accounts in NJ and Ohio, and I’d never been to those states. I had provide them with every piece on documentation to prove who i am, contacted and attorney and he told me that the documents i got are very strong evidence that they are wrong, lawsuit can be for as big as 100,000,000$ yes that’s a hundred million US dollars,I just need enough people who share the same problems for limitations, even if you agreed to the new terms you can still sue them…

  20. Doctorsdalek on

    PAYPAL and EBAY are in my opiniuon an extremely unhealthy monopoly. The sooner this is broken the better for everybody involved. EBAY leave no real alternative other than using PAYPAL and PAYPAL is a very poor rip-off. I would be happy to join any class action, but against the construct that is the relationship between PAYPAL and EBAY…

  21. Patrick on

    I have a nightmare with these people! I have a Paypal SmartConnect card that you can’t pay online. If payments are received late then a HUGE fee is imposed for late fees, interest… I’ve been struggling to pay this for years. What was $400 in purchases, I have paid $2k already and still have a balance of $600+. Pls help! My e-mail to include me in the class action lawsuit against these bad guys!

  22. Laszlo on

    I am a member of Ebay and Paypal since 2005. I’m selling things since a year. I never had any problem with them. But in the last montth i have 2 cases opened against me regarding delay in delivery. Yes, it’s true, but i solved the problems, i gave gifts for my costumers and they were really satisfied. I got positive feedback from them and closed the cases. Now i wanted to withdraw the money but the closed my account and hold my 2000 USD for 180days. Because i’m a high risk for them. It’s ok if they don’t want me to pay them the high sellig fees, but if i don’t have any negative feedback on Ebay, don’t ave any cases open they don’t have the right to keep my money for 180days. It’s insaine! I don’t know how to be part of this lawsuit from Hungary but i definetly want! So contact me if it’s possible.

  23. Viola Posley on

    I am so onboard if a suit is ever filed. Paypal and ebay are ridiculous. Same story as everyone else.

  24. HELEN RUSSO on


  25. Paul on

    The ebay policy requirement to have your PayPal account actually “linked” to your ebay account if you intend to bid on items from certain buyers creates a defined monopoly. I have deen with ebay since 1999 and PayPal a few years after and am sad to close my accounts. It was a great website that has been ruined by corporate greed. I will join any and all applicable class action suits.

  26. John Lin on

    I have been enjoying doing business on eBay. But I do not think they are doing the right thing and as many said, their corporate greed must be stumped.

  27. Zach on

    I’m also on board with this. It’s not right or legal for them to not delete your account if you requested it. If something does happen your going have to make it noticeable like on the Facebook page or something.

  28. Alicen Boyer on

    I am on board with this lawsuit. I’ve had an ebay store for 7 years. Today, I was forced to close due to ebay’s removal of all my listings and my restricted account. I have had my money held by PayPal even though I buy and print shipping through PayPal. I was told this would release my money faster. It doesn’t. I still wait over 2 weeks to get my money. They are still holding my money from weeks ago. Really fed up with ebay and Paypal!

  29. Paul on

    Count me in, tired of unneccesary holds for their convienience and profit..

  30. matthew keown on


  31. Everett Brown on

    Need a class action law suite, today a seller refunded shoes that had holes in them. I received a refund after paying for then on 11/1/13. Paypal place a 3 – 5 day temp. hold on the refund. Call them and spoke to a supt. who told me that was paypal rights. Then it takes another 3 – 5 days to send the money back into my checking account. The is a rip off I too am tired of unnecessary holds for their convenience and profit..

  32. Maureen Eckrote on

    PayPal sucks. Has me limited because of my sons account and everyone who could have used CFO the dame addresd

  33. Anthony Jazdziejewski on

    Actually Ebay & Paypal are Liable for any & all Unlawful Actions they commit. There policy’s are one thing but at same time they have to abide by State Laws! Yes i’m on board for Legal Actions against Ebay in Califorinia! Yes have already told Ebay about this & they didn’t have anything to say because i’m right

  34. David on

    A 100% feeback Ebay Power Seller and 10 yr paypal customer. Limited my account for no reason. I want these guys put out of business and will join a class action lawsuit.

  35. Bill Vaughn on

    I’ve always had a perfect record with paypal, recently I lodges 4 cases against seller, suddenly my account is closed and all cases to get my money back were closed

  36. Anita Wilson on

    Because someone bought something from us & told PayPal it was broken they took money out of our checking account without us knowing beforehand which made our account overdrawn. So we are out what we sent, the money he paid, the shipping charges, & overdraft charges. THIS IS JUST NOT RIGHT!!!!!

  37. Jesse on

    Today, PayPal took a payment out of my checking account, which I had removed from being connected. This was a payment I had not authorized, and had taken the removal action to decide when I wanted to pay it. They have withheld funds for as long as 15 days when my status is already verified and all of the Terms of Service had been met. I was a member of the class action suit in 2002 and I would join another one in a heartbeat. Between eBay and PayPal fees, I have paid out over $8500 on $48,000 worth of sales over the last 5 months. This makes it impossible to make any real profit, as I actually lost money on a good portion of those sales. These sites are no better than doing business with Bank of America.

  38. joe on

    YES the old EBAY and PAYPAL underhanded businesses
    they are actually SISTER companies from what I hear…
    my computer crashed and my items I could not get out so I took care of them after the run around,,,,then they let me post items and restricted my account to buyer only and took all my items down after there was bids on a few,,,and now they want to chargew me fees for posting my items,,,,,….

  39. caroline connor on

    if a class action suit goes through I want to be part of it. There is no reason why ebay has to punish me by holding “MY” money for 21 days to teach me a lesson?

  40. Sally on

    I have opted out of Ebay’s Global Shipping Program because of the extraordinarily high shipping costs they are charging. I ONLY charge actual shipping costs. Sometimes I don’t know the exact price of shipping at the time I list an item. The price shown is only an estimate. I can assure you that it will be within $10 of actual price.

  41. Sally on

    I would love to join Class Action Suit. Pay Pal allowed eBay Buyer to keep the 18K Gold Piaget watch he purchased for $5700 and Pay Pal charged back my credit card the full amount PLUS $161 in Pay Pal fees. Pay Pal had the tracking information which proved Buyer never returned watch AND Buyer Marc Gentile Schreuder sent me an email admitting he had my watch but I would have to sue him to get it back. I am reporting this to the police as a Class B felony and am suing this man in Civil court. I WILL add Pay Pal as a defendant

  42. Will Davis on

    Count me in for a lawsuit as paypal screws with almost everyone no matter how good your account is. Somewhere down the line your money will be held for some time before being released. They are basically thieves hiding behind computers and not caring about who they rip off.

  43. John Minch on

    my computer was locked off toll i paid 300 dollars by money pac threw pay pal then i found out it a scam pay pal shoud keep these people held responsible.

  44. helen neal on

    pay has held my money for 21 days all so
    i will go with you on a class action lawsuit against pay pal

  45. Chloe on

    Same story as the rest holding funds…….. But whatever you do don’t fall for the PREPAID MasterCard $3.59 to add money then $4.89 monthly fee What a rip off!!! Forbid you are on a budget They make out like bandits and we all know the rest of that story…..Count me in

  46. william solazzo on

    I’m in and I have written records i printed showing how they screwed me

  47. Christy on

    ya the hold thing is nothing more then a scam funny I open mine account up to use it to pay for something with Creidt card .and i been locked out of mine right after they got all mine numbers .and it has been over 6 months .i just don’t never use it again .

  48. ANNE RHONE on


  49. Juan Carlos Zapata on

    I want to join any class action lawsuit against paypal. I am tired of their one side policy, same with ebay.

  50. carlo sametini on

    count M in on that class action law suite SOBs

  51. Lily on

    I have been a member of Paypal for many years. In the last year, they suddenly limited my account because they want proof of address, SS, Picture ID, and bank account. They already have my bank account, US Passport, and SS, and I have lived at the same address for 15 years, which I have on my PP account, but this is not enough. They will not remove the limit block on my account, until I give them a birth certificate, and proof of address on a statement or bill. I refuse to do this. They can get proof of address from my SS, and proof of birth from my US Passport. The Passport, SS and bank account should be enough, but it isn’t. I refuse to give them more, so I have been unable to buy or sell on Ebay for over a year.

  52. Joe Goldner on

    PayPal needs to be put out of business. They are nothing but a ponzi scam and a fraud and refuses to protect its clients in any form. I also suggest that we make this calss action public and tank their stock and hit them in the pocket immediately.

  53. sheryl on

    count me in plz. got screwed just like everyone else. more than $6K stolen from me by PayPal. derailed my dropshipping biz. can’t believe this company is allowed to exist in this day and age. everyone needs to go get a real merchant acct instead of this paypal trash. i’m going to make it my job now to make sure paypal suffers.

  54. Anonymous on

    I too would like to join a class action lawsuit against paypal/credit. Apparently, the two organizations don’t community. Billing and accounting are different entities and they do not communicate. I bought two items using paypal credit and sent them payment via moneygram and personal check which they acknowledge receiving but did not record. I informed of their error. Paypal accounting made the chage but paypl credit did notacknowledge the change andd kept adding #35 late fees. After wards they kept pressuring me to attach my bank information to their service, which I refused to do, given problems ebay and paypal had in the past. I suspect they prey on seniors and try to intimidate them to pay for items they have already paid for + late fees. This is an unscrupulous or incompetent organization, probably both. They need a lawsuit.

  55. Lawrence on

    Count me in, I have a similar story as well as most all of the ones I just read.

  56. Steven on

    Count me in, had a software company promise to fix a virus on my computer with their software. When the software failed to fix the problems I requested a refund thru Paypal. Paypal went thru their usual collection of information then informs me via email that I will be contacted for further info. I was never contacted and upon checking the status of the complaint on their site it showed as resolved not in my favor because the payment was for an intangible item. FU Paypal, you are just a money making scammer who does not care about your customers only how much $$$ you can strong arm from us. Count me in on a class action, presently dealing with a large law firm in Texas on another matter, they would be the perfect law firm to handle this also…

  57. Charles on

    Count me in with the lawsuit!!! Who is organizing such a thing? Paypal is STEALING hundreds from my bank account, and STEALING money from my account. I’m shutting down the PaylPal accounts and going with SQUARE!

  58. Erika Hahn on

    I am happy to join any class action lawsuit my problems stem from 2011 so I need to move on statute of limitations but paypal got me good and destroyed my ebay account. I sell on craigslist now primarily which has its own problems but no one is in my bank account anymore. I feel totally and completely victimized by paypal. We have to ask how they get away with it and how Congress and FTC are not on their case. Banks cannot act like this. Many paypal founders went on to create other nefarious online businesses like selling GOLD (virtual money for games).

  59. Sarah N on

    I want to join in on this. Paypal has limited my account for now reason. I bought a BRA and somehow that violates the Acceptable Terms in their TOS? Isn’t that discrimination? Can you not buy clothing on there anymore? They have about $100 of mine they are holding from sales I’ve made as I do use it for my hobby. I don’t understand how they can limit my account for NO REASON like this- over a $24 BRA!

  60. Marla on

    Held my money on a recent transaction too… I am in for a class action if it’s started.

  61. John Kruger on

    I’m all for a class action lawsuit. I work in IT fraud and PayPal is showing it’s RED FLAG!

  62. Eugene on

    Put up $500 honest money for the purpose of purchasing a vehicle thru EBay/PayPal – Because of details and information concerning shipment could not be agreed to I rescinded the offer; however, I never got my $500 back. I will join a class action law suit.

  63. Lisa Parker on

    I payed off my paypal credit card several months ago….they even told me it was closed…I just got a bill for 48.00 so I call them to find out what the hell, turns out they did not close my account and have been charging me 35.00 late fee and will again this month……that is on top of the interest charges that have accured because they didn’t close the account…How do we sue them

  64. amanda on

    Paypal sucks..I had a paypal credit card with them and had made payments regularly and then one day my account was frozen I called and tried to find out why and they said fraud apparently some lady in Akron ohio had called and said that she received a letter from PayPal and was trying to access her account she gave them the last 4 of her social which BTW is the same as mine and they asked her name and she gave them her name and they said that’s not the name they have on file so they changed every personal information on my account to her personal information I filed a police report but paypal refused to resolve the matter now I am left with the debt oh and they cancelled my card and mailed this lady a card under my account

  65. Auction Essistance on

    PayPal has defrauded many of our clients and has limited numerous users as well. They almost put our clients out of business due to their limitations, policies & restrictions.

    One thing we want to touch upon, never rely on PayPal as your main payment processor. It is not worth killing your business over.

  66. Linda on

    Class Action I am so in……I have been paying on my PayPal Smart Connect credit card and I have had the same damn balance for 3 months. Where the hell is my payment going towards? It certainly is not going towards my credit card balance…I am pass FURIOUS !!!!

  67. Helena-Sophia on

    Anytime a class action law suit is forming against Paypal, or ebay, I will be joining it. The same shi† that is happening/has happened to other paypal users here has happened/is happening to me. I sold about 2K worth in one month – of which $ 777 had to be returned, due to idiot customer stating “item not as described”. The buyer was refunded the money after I received the item back. Still I have to pay the fee for the item and the fee on the shipping. When I get the ‘invoice’ to pay ebay fees, the ampunt is much higher and nowhere is explained how they arrive at this number. When I want to find out, it only goes in circles – round and round without any solution.
    When I ship an item, it tells me that I don’t have enough paypal funds available (in spite fo having $ 1K ‘pending funds’) and that I have to pay for the shipping throughy my bank.
    Ebay charges me shipping fees before I ever get my money from that transaction. Despite of fulfilling all the requirements for immediate payment, all of my funds are not only held 21 days, there are amounts pending that have been pushed further out – without explanation/ That is fraud. Paypal is using our money to make money. Maybe in the lawless oligarchic US that is acceptable, but for people with sense for justice and real law, it is not. This was my last transaction on ebay and my last transaction on paypal.
    Sue these scammers for emotional distress.

  68. dan on

    Missed a payment, didn’t check email because I made the payment, but it never processed, late payment for second month still no call, two phone numbers on file, arranged two payments, made second payment on time as arranged, they charged me another late fee on the second payment in the same month, this is bull shit and want alimony back except original charge of 34.00 dollars, current charges $190.00 dollars, closed account but can’t remove account info and bank info, don’t use PayPal, unless you like getting screwed !

  69. Dimitrios Marantidis on

    I never expected to see anything like this. Were are we are going. What we will face in the future. A disaster? or law suits one after the other. Are we normal? or what? What happened to us. The young generation will pay the price. We will going away to the next life and we may monitor from there what will occur down here on earth. Good luck to the young generation.

  70. lissey d. on

    I would like to join class action lawsuit against pay pal. They charged me a late fee that I don’t owe, returned merchandise to co. at my own expense. Why would I have a late fee when I have no merchandise?

  71. Greg on

    Paypal (AND) eBay suck!!!! They seem to derive twisted pleasure out of making life a living hell for their customers/sellers, soon to be their non-customers/sellers if they continue to give low-grade, crap (dis)service and continue to have a lack of empathy for both the seller and customer alike. They toy with the customer and seller by making them go back and forth between ebay and paypal to get their problems solved which, of course, are never totally solved, if ever they are. I’m (STILL) waiting for my echeck to go through after more than a (WEEK) of going back and forth between these two institutions to have to police them and make sure they’re doing what their supposed to with my money. All the meanwhile, they’ve alienated the seller from wanting anything to do with me because they won’t simply release the fund into her account from this **%$^# echeck they keep holding on that I was (FORCED) to make out because paypal was not able to be used and the echeck popup comes up on the payment page for the item I won a bid on as my normal form of payment through paypal was not available. MAN, that was a mistake and believe me folks, if you want complications, then go ahead and pay via an echeck. You’ll REALLY have complications then. Like many, many others have done, I might just consider taking my business elsewhere, say, maybe to Amazon for example, if this game ebay/paypal likes to play, keeps up. They seem to (love) to screw with their customers/sellers (AND) didn’t seem to care or mind when I told them that a lot of customers are leaving their website and doing business elsewhere. Well, look for ebay (AND) paypal to become a shell of their former self in 15 years more or less, if they DO NOT STRAIGHTEN UP!!!!!! Thanks ebay and paypal!!!!!! You are making MANY enemies………………..

  72. Scott on

    Count me in…

  73. Kathryn on

    I would like to join a class action suit against Pay Pal for signing me up for a line of credit without my permission. Where do I start?

  74. Mike M on

    PayPal Sent me a link to my email and it was for the 2016 Class Action Law Suite against them and here is the link to file your complaint.

  75. sue shuell on

    holding money paypal

  76. Stephani Hooper on

    I am on board with a class action suit. I am new to PP and just want to close my account! PP has given me the run around for 3 weeks with horrible communication, misinformation, and just down right bad customer service. PP and their rediculas policies and lies has caused a huge financial hardship. I am so done….

  77. jacob miligrock on

    i would like to be included in the paypal lawsuit. send me the details o my e-mail. thank you

  78. Addris Vinson on

    I had a bad experience with paypal. Held funds when an large invoice came in. I was charged a large fee. Then I was charged when funds was transfered to my bank account I was charged another big fee. I thought that was againist the law and told them so. I hope and pray individual, business and organization affected will get their monies back.

  79. shameka cole on

    how do i get on the paypal lawsuit class action

  80. mohan on

    ifrom my acoount of axis bank credited Rs 2150.74/ paid to vedic scholars,transaction number is s24679634 till date the amount is not credited to my account

  81. Dean Fitzsimmons on

    They charged my checking account immediately for my clothing order instead of giving me my SIX Months to pay like they promised me when I made the transaction and gave them all my private information. I want to be a part of this Class Action Suite and make PayPal pay for what they did to me! Thank You, Dean Fitzsimmons. ph. 847 289-9317

  82. JoAnn Gamble on

    I sold a item and after 10 days the buyer informed me that he had not received the item, I check with the Post Office and ebay to began a search for the items. Ebay informed me that if the item was not delivered that I would be covered by their insurance and I would not be liable. The buyer and I stayed in contact and after a month and still item not delivered I again informed ebay and they again stated that I did not have to refund the monies and the insurance would refund the money bback to the buyer. It never happened they suspended my account and I had to pay $700.00 to the buyer. So I lost money and a item I came out the loser. Then several of my transaction were processed and some were cancelled and some were returned. I was charged over $400.00 in fees that they knew I was not liable for . I spoke to a rep who stated they would go into my account and adjust or eliminate the fees, it never happened and my account is still suspended necause they did not adjust fees they charged to my account so I am held responsible for all those fees.Not happy

  83. Wanda Jona on

    I was limited weeks back and gave me no rhyme or reason as to why. THey just took over $500 and I have to wait for that money for 180 days??? Don’t they know I have a family to support? I support my family through this and here they come taking it all away.

    I am in on the class action lawsuit. Right now I am running stealth accounts thanks to Auction Essistance, but the damage PayPal has done to me is worth going for a lawsuit.

  84. Ollie Hemmitt on

    want to enter class action suit

  85. cheryle donahue on

    I want to complain about Paypal. They are holding 1700 dollars of my money for my business for 6 months in which I told them that is illegal and they think that I commited fraud my gtting paypal deposits through their cash cards. They state in order to have your money clear that you need to load in order to purchase things from the internet or what you need. Now they state that I cannot load any paypal cash cards on my account because they think that is fraud, well how do I get money on my card if my clients pay me in cash that is contradicting in how to do business. I am suing them for my money because they cannot hold anyones money for months without giving interest. ASSHOLES

  86. Megan Blaine on

    I also want to file a lawsuit or join in on this. PayPal limited my business account with over $4000 in it. I had to nearly foreclose on my home due to not being able to accept payments from my customers. I had to resort to using Auction Essistance for stealth accounts.

  87. John Luttrell on

    I want in on the lawsuit. PayPal defrauded me of $9500 after a gentleman, (I use that term loosely) said the watch I sent him was fake, mind you it took him a week to decide it was fake, he hasn’t returned my property and I intend to pay know one anything back. We should file a class action lawsuit against eBay and PayPal, for assisting scammers. I believe that my buyer switch out my watch for another to claim it was fake. As I saw another person say that PayPal has stopped them from removing their personal information from PayPal they have done this to me.

  88. John Luttrell on

    I’m with you let’s file a clash action lawsuit against PayPal and eBay for helping scammers scam good folks like us.

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