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: Wednesday, October 17, 2012, 9:52

I threathned to sue paypal and they released my funds

Well because I was selling fetish items and a customer was not discreet, they decided to hold $1,200 of mine in my account for 180 days. That is totally unconstitutional in what they did to me. First of all they had no tangible proof on what i am/was selling, and second of all, my customers would never speak of it when it came down to questioning. I got the the most vicious lawyer in NY to promise them a civil lawsuit. There is no way in hell they were going to gain interest on MY HARD EARNED MONEY! Two weeks later they released my funds because i wanted to sue for 5 million. We could have done it, they had no proof and I would have loved to take them idiots to court. It should not come down to this

Submitted By:: Seth Cohen

Location-: NY,NY

One thought on “I threathned to sue paypal and they released my funds
  1. Pete on

    Paypal does not allow the sale of adult items it states so right on heir website so I am very surprised that you were able to get them to release the funds to you. I guess the threat of a lawsuit when it is coming from a lawyer has a bit more weight behind it then when I start yelling it to them on the phone lol

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