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: Friday, April 13, 2012, 11:00

I paid but seller did not receive payment

HI! I bought an item on line an d paid for it through paypal.. The amount of 40 dollars was chargedto my account butthe seller refused to send me the item I paid for because she did not receive the payment. So I resorted to resolution center I was asked to give the transaction id no. An error message appears telling me that it is not the right transaction id no. According to paypal the transaction has not been completed yet. I have already been charged amount, therefore the transaction has been completed. Now the seller refuses to send me the item I paid for. Where did the 40 dollars go then?

Submitted By:: Milly K

Location-: Anytown USA

2 thoughts on “I paid but seller did not receive payment
  1. Mike on

    Where did the money go?!? Paypal’s pockets of course. I wouldn’t send the item either if I was the seller and had not received the payment. You should just dispute the charge and get your money back. Don’t use paypal again, you always loose with them

  2. mary on

    Dispute the transaction with your credit card company. PP is scum my suggestion would be to never use them again!

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