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: Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 10:40

I have been screwed by Paypal more ways you can imagine

I had 3 experiences. The first time. I purchased a portable piano keyboard for around $5,000.00. The funds were at my bank so I had to transfer it to my PayPal account in order to pay for it. After 1 to 2 days of waiting for reply from the seller I noticed he got several negative feedbacks from a prior buyers complain about non-received products, so to prevent a scam I file a case to stop him from withdrawing the money, please remember that was basically the second day after I paid. The file was open and PayPal blamed me, they denied refunding my money although they said I was protected. I had to file a chargeback with my bank in order to get my money back of course I never got any keyboard. The second time. This time I have moved to a different location, but instead of dealing with PayPal looked for alternatives method of payments. There is a monopoly on the payment method if you sell on eBay. I had a problem with PayPal the first time but not with eBay, so my eBay
account was ok but I couldn’t sell if I did not accept PayPal as a primary method of payment, but I had not PayPal account instead I was using Google Checkout. When they changed their policies they warm me that I couldn’t use Google Checkout, I was basically out of options, I had not sales because I had no PayPal account. I was trying to build a business to be able to provide for my family; instead they closed all the possibilities. So I took the advantage of having to move and created another account with a different email. Everything was fine for a while but after sometime I believe they discovered it. They limited the account but gave me the chance to defend myself and after I have given several personal information they decided to cancel the account. That time I had not money involved, but I was upset, they had closed all my possibilities. The third time was not long ago but this time as a seller. I was using my wife account as a seller, because I was banned from PayPal
for getting my money back the first time. The whole time everything was fine, I was selling and shipping, not problems until we shipped a product to Australia via DHL and because DHL miscommunication and lack of understanding their own terms and procedures, they returned the shipment because Class 9 materials weren’t available to ship to Australia. So the buyer after seen that the package was returned he got nervous, just like any other person and created a claim. I got in contact with him and explained the situation. He was ok and willing to wait. We were in contact with a PayPal account representative, we sent tons of papers, proof of purchase, tracking numbers, proof of shipping and several other things. At the end the buyer received the product with proof of delivery and signed by him and PayPal still giving the money back. So I lost almost $3,000.00. I argued with they but was like talking with monkeys, sorry saying that is an insult for the monkeys. This is my history and I really would like to sue them, but I don’t have the money to retain an attorney.

Submitted By:: Luis Hernandez

Location-: Reno, Nevada

3 thoughts on “I have been screwed by Paypal more ways you can imagine
  1. Gavin K on

    I used to use PP but after being screwed over way too many times to count I searched for an alternative. I went to this website and have been using them on my Ebay account for almost 3 years now with no problems.

  2. Alice_Mcarthy on

    three experiences is two too many! and your right comparing them to monkeys is an insult. I had a hell of a time getting my funds released for a wedding dress I sold. They thought it was suspicious because it was a used item. Well no-shit! It’s a wedding dress…….. I sold is as gently used, it was in my product description. Anyways after giving them everything aside from my first born, they agreed to release my money. what a pain in the butt.

  3. Lucy Evans on

    After all the horror stories and personal experiences I wonder how pp continues to get away with robbing people. Stick a fork in my IM DONE!!!! Ive decided to throw my hands up with pay pal they’re a shitty company to work with…. I swear they’re the russian mobb!

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