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: Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 11:05

I don’t feel comfortable providing requested info to paypal

Paypal limited my account and demanded I give them a land line phone number or fax/scan them various info. I do not have a fax/scan, do not have the money to purchase one (thanks to them), and do not have a land line (mobile only). I do not trust sending sensitive info through another company (also costs more money that they unfairly demand). If this was information that Paypal needed from me they should have asked for it when I signed up and that way I could have chosen if I wanted to provide this information or not. To ask for it after the fact seems unfair and like extortion; you want your money? Then you have to provide us with your sensitive personal information. Paypal takes side during disputes when they could successfully resolve them by remaining neutral. I find them inconsistent and unprofessional. Their offerings overestimate today’s laws and tech capabilities.

Submitted By:: Emily L

Location-: Farview

One thought on “I don’t feel comfortable providing requested info to paypal
  1. Keith on

    They did the same thing to me and I just told them to keep the $20 I had in my account because I had no intentions of ever dealing with them again. I canceled the credit card I had linked to my paypal account and that’s that.

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