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: Thursday, June 21, 2012, 10:15

I can’t pay for my order because Paypal is not letting me.

My account is limited (I cannot send money, pay for things or access the money in my paypal account), this was done while I had a bid on an item on ebay and won. Now I cannot pay for the item I won the bid on on eBay. Awhile back my credit card was compromised through paypal and there was fraudulent charges made. Patpal told me they conducted an investigation and based on that “investigation” Paypal expects me to reimburse them $24.83 for something I did not order or receive. The tracking number only shows it was delivered to the city I live in, no address can be verified. However Paypal say that is enough proof for them. They want me to pay for something I did not order and will not let me pay for something I did ordered, Crazy!!!

Submitted By:: AbbyG

Location-: Conway Arkansas

3 thoughts on “I can’t pay for my order because Paypal is not letting me.
  1. eve on

    Just contact your credit card company directly and explain the situation to them. I think you will find them a lot more helpful then paypal. Paypal limited your account in hopes of intimidate you topay for something you didn’t order but if you are nice and pay they will restore your account. To me that is extortion and that is against the law. Not only are you losing out so is the seller who’s auction you won (not your fault).

  2. Kayla on

    You can dispute that charge with your credit card company and dispute that charge. You will probably get a lot farther with them then with paypal. Just having “proof” that the item was sent to somewhere in your city isn’t enough proof to say it was you who order it. This company gets worse and worse

  3. SWF on

    Beware PayPal will also limit your ability to pay for eBay auctions with ***NO WARNING*** whether you sign up for it or pay as a Guest. At some time you will be extorted into
    1) giving up your bank account info & whatever else they feel like demanding (which if you give it to them they can not only dip into it & take whatever they like, there is little guarantee they will protect it well from anyone who wants to commit identity theft
    2) signing up for a PayPal credit card (it’s not actually issued by PayPal but by GE Capital & is a terrible card to sign up for)
    or 3) just give up on using PayPal (& eBay)
    I am in category 3)
    Why the state attorneys general don’t permanently enjoin PayPal from doing business until they get chartered as a bank and follow established banking law is beyond my understanding & belief. They just every so often make deals with PayPal to clean up a few things at the margins but let them keep going about their merry way fundamentally deceiving everyone they deal with.

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