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: Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 13:46

I am seeking legal help for my limited account

I was selling a product on eBay and had the product removed due to a Trademark listing concern. So I spoke with my legal counsel same day. I was given detailed information to add & remove to my listing to be compliant with eBay policies. I called eBay back and relisted item and eBay agent looked over listing and also had someone from another department verify it was approved. 1 week after approval and $5k in sales eBay suspended my account. I stop offering product online and was selling other successful products with over $3k in sales. Without any warning or investigation I get an email showing that Paypal has froze my account based on eBay suspending my account. Now the kicker is that eBay has admitted they are at fault for misleading me by giving me the approval on the listing the second time. Now based on eBay findings Paypal simply made a decision to freeze my account and the money. I never had 1 dispute against me on Paypal and only 2 negative feedback ratings
on eBay since 2006, that even got changed by buyer!!! I am not a fraud based on my seller profile. Now due to miscommunication by eBay agent and no communication by Paypal, I am in a very tough situation. Paypal has not responded to my emails yet, but I am contacting my lawyer so I can see my options.

Submitted By:: Manny

Location-: AZ


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