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: Thursday, May 3, 2012, 10:31

I am not receiving my refund from PayPal

I sold a lens to a citizen of India. After he paid me $500, I shipped the lens via USPS Express Mail, insured for $250 (did him a favor to minimize duties). Buyer first lied that Customs was returning the lens to me, then after I received delivery confirmation online, he denied ever receiving the lens. Meanwhile, PP had failed on 3 occasions to take down the tracking number correctly and then returned his money saying they couldn’t confirm delivery. I called the same day delivery was shown online and yet again gave the PP rep the tracking number. He confirmed it but said I’d have to show proof of signature? In India? From the Indian postal system? He helped me appeal and PP reversed their decision, but instead of freezing buyer’s account and returning my money (as they had frozen my account and then turned over the money to buyer), they merely sent a request via email to buyer.

Surely there is some way to force PP to return my money? Please advise.

Submitted By:: B.F.

Location-: Morgan Hill CA

4 thoughts on “I am not receiving my refund from PayPal
  1. bob anchore on

    I stopped shipping international because more than half of the items i sent to the outside of US ended up with disputes and I ended up being out a lot of money. It sucks because now I am missing out on a big market of buyers but it is too risky and paypal does not back the seller.

  2. chelsea on

    You will probably never see your money. That’s why I stopped shipping over seas myself. I lost too much money. PP does not back the seller in these situations. Good luck, hopefully you will get your money back someday

  3. SunnyDays on

    You can never force paypal to return your money. I think they way they look at it is its “their money” and they are doing you a favor if it gets sent to you.

  4. Vicki-Roggen on

    I think too many crooked people use ebay and paypal as a way to scam and I don’t want to be a number. I don’t do much with them but i am leary to do any more. I just like to make a little cash on the side and make some purchases when I find a good deal on something I like but in reading the hassels so many people have I am a little nervous with every transaction. Not so sure its really worth it anymore. Paypal can’t be trusted.

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