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: Monday, May 6, 2013, 14:10

I am an honest seller getting punished

I am a private seller and sell my own GENUINE items used or unused.
I have some quite expensive clothes and accessories and since I ship internationally sometimes I put the wrong shipping costs and when I realize it I refund the buyers the postage cost they paid in excess.
I had my ebay account closed abruptly because they say I was selling fakes! I was not and could prove it through serial numbers and certificates! But they didn’t care! Then they closed my paypal account and I still have 150£ on it (not too much because I moved 400 on my bank account some days before by luck)
I also have some cases (one bag sold for 200£) that international buyers opened saying they didn’t receive the items (items takes up to 15 days to be received in Europe… and they opened the case the day after they paid!) and now it is up to paypal to decide if I need to refund them or not! I have proof of posting, international signed for but I cannot ask for proof of delivery even if it is signed for! I have tracking number and receipt and items have been shipped regularly! Is this enough??
What is going to happen now?!?!

I won’t use anymore paypal nor ebay! I am an honest seller, I sell genuine items and they pissed me off!

Submitted By:: Sara

Location-: Italy


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