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: Monday, July 8, 2013, 14:25

How does a buyer return a digital downloaded e-book

A customer in Canada used PayPal to clearly defraud our company. He ordered digital download products (publications and software). He then filed a dispute with PayPal saying the “product was damaged”. PayPal said to “return the product for a full refund”. Duh, it was a digital download, nothing to return. The customer mailed us a old demo cd and PayPal refunded his money. Of course he got the software and e-publications free. We sent 10 messages to PayPal with support documentation showing our website’s “no refund” policy because the products are digital. They did not even have the professional courtesy to reply to one.

We even sent a simple message asking “how does a buyer return a digital downloaded e-book”? Again, no reply.

Submitted By:: jim

Location-: portland


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