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: Wednesday, November 30, 2011, 11:29

Holds and Limitations make using PayPal impossible

Sold an item on ebay a few years ago and attempted to use PayPal to receive funds. Buyer made payment and funds were IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAWN from his bank account. Afterwards, I was informed that my account funding was limited to $500/month, so I could not receive the full payment. I reversed the transaction, and the buyer mailed a Money Order. However, PayPal refused to transfer the money back into his account. I had received the Money Order mailed from Montana to Texas in two days! I called him to see if he had been refunded and he had not. PayPal transaction data reflected this. FOUR DAYS LATER, funds were finally released to his bank account.
NO action or explanation was ever given to either of us when we called about it.

I decided that moment to avoid PayPal whenever possible, and to NEVER use PayPal to receive funding unless there is no alternative.

Submitted By:: Rick

Location-: Ft Worth


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