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: Friday, November 30, 2012, 11:47

Got rubbish. File Claim. Paypal screw me

I paid total US$ 175 for a mint train

22 nov received a train no signature required

22:00 hour file I a complain with paypal
22:30 seller call paypal (says i try to rip off and he works at the police)
22:40 paypal closes complain (the broken heavely played with train and discolored by sun outside mud ) is according paypal only minor fault
22:45 want to contact paypal also by phone get a phonenumer and code, MUST call within an hour
22:50 I get an answering machine they are not in the office
23:00 I sent a complain about above.. Internet site reply .. we will contact within 72 hours.
23:10 I see the same guy offering now 1970 stuff. I reported to Paypall that this thing were not even produced in 1970. For you collection,, YEAHH also horespoop is..

I feel I have no protection at all as a buyer.

And selling I did only 1 of 3 items what a headache to make an advertisement. ANd does not work even correctly for abroad buyers.

I am pissed

Submitted By:: Pete

Location-: The Hague


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