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: Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 13:27

Got my account limited after “item not as described” dispute

Had enough with paypal and ebay. not only are their charges ridiculous, but they are highly biased to the side of the buyer in a transaction. Couple of buyers misread the description of my product, got unhappy when they realised they bought something they didnt actually want, and they filed disputes. Paypal limited my account after the 4th dispute out of about 60 transactions. I refunded 2 of them to save myself hassle, but the other 2 are still ongoing, and my paypal account is still limited. I then had problem unlimiting my account, as opened the account in my nickname not my legal name (nickname is only a minor change to my legal name, i sent them many copies of my passport, proof of adress, credit card details, bank statements, student cards but they still didnt believe me..)

Turns out i needed to write a hand written letter to prove it was me and i needed to change the name of my account. I threatened legal action, they let me withdraw the money i had in my account but said they will close it straight after…… They never closed it, but i did withdraw my money. Fk paypal.

Submitted By:: a jalilian

Location-: Detroit


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