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admin : Monday, August 4, 2014, 15:46

Never got to give my side of the story

We sold an Iphone on eBay. The buyer did not understand that the phone they bought was unlocked but did not support their network and opened case.

about 2 or 3 weeks later i tried to log in to Paypal and they said my account is locked because my balance went negative.

I asked them how is that possible and they said it was because I lost the case since i did not respond to their emails. I told them i never received any emails but they did not care.

Kiska, the Paypal representative said that I need to talk to my network administrator because Paypal is sometimes blocked by firewalls.

I asked them why did they not try to call me and they said their policy is just to send email.

So knowing that email is not reliable they still created a policy that relies on it.

I think everyone would agree this is not fair. I am in the process of researching with my legal if what they have done is legal. Does anyone know ?


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