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admin : Friday, September 10, 2010, 17:15

Unknown GE Money PayPal Account?

On July 2, I ordered a bicycle jersey from an internet site and paid for it through PayPal. The jersey arrived in a couple of weeks. The charge did not appear on my SunTrust Visa as PayPal purchases usually do. It did not appear on my August statement either. Then the letters and phone calls started coming from GE MONEY-

It seems that I had charged this jersey to my GE PayPal account, an account that I did not know I had? I never asked for, never applied for, and did not want a GE Money PayPal account. Shouldn’t I have had an actual piece of plastic to represent this card? I don’t have one.

So I returned the phone calls and called the numbers on the letters. The first question I was asked was what is my account number? I had no answer. The letters list my account number as only “ACCOUNT NUMBER ENDING IN 3147″. “That is not enough, sir, I will need your social security number, please.” I don’t have any idea who I was talking to, and I’m not giving them my SS#. I told one customer service rep, Jackie, that if she would give me her SS# first, that I would give her mine. “I don’t have an account here, sir” Well, neither do I Jackie. I do owe somebody for a bicycle jersey. I was finally given an address in Orlando to send a check (checks only, they don’t accept credit cards) so I sent them a check.

I am still getting the calls and letters. Today, the customer service rep. said they have no idea who I sent the check to. Now, I am concerned about my checking account number and routing number. But, they don’t have my social security number!

Submitted By Doug


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