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admin : Friday, September 6, 2013, 13:11

Gave power seller poor review and I was banned from eBay

this was some while ago but I did not find out about this site until now. I have used Ebay for many many years doing all kinds of purchases from around the world and I did earn quite alot of good rewievs and stars.

Last year I did a purchase for a pair of carbon fiber rear view mirrors from a company in Japan. Received them after a couple of weeks but they did not fit at all. Contacted the seller and informed him about the problem but did not receive any answer at all.

After many days I decided to give the seller a very poor review, which I did. This resulting in a message from the seller the day after the review saying if I removed the bad review he would send me a new pair of mirrors.

Well, the day after the sellers message about sending me new mirrors I could not log in to my ebay account and I have since then not been able to log in.

This seller had more than 10-thousand sells so he was a big ebay seller. I am convinced the seller had something to do about my account being cancelled.

So for all of you out there using ebay be aware that if you are not satisfied with a purchase and making some bad reviews you will probably be kicked out of ebay.


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