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: Thursday, May 24, 2012, 12:36

Fund is missing.

PayPal have auto withdraw some fund from my account six months back. My bank decline it and fund send back to PayPal. Now when i contact PayPal they told me to submit bank statement of my account. I attached as well as fax my statement. After month or so they told me to send the cheque on my postal address. I waited a lot and called them about not getting the cheque. They told me fund will be deposited back to my PayPal account. I waiting for another month and nothing is happen. I am waiting since last six month and getting answer from PayPal that they are working on it and there partner bank is still not able to give answer what happen with this fund. I am still making call in PayPal and getting the same answer that they are working on this and will resolve soon. But nothing is happening. Its more then six months and i am still waiting for my money. Any help is really really very appreciated. Thanks

Submitted By:: Mitesh

Location-: India

3 thoughts on “Fund is missing.
  1. James Russle on

    Pay pal seems to have these problems often I see. 6 months is way to long is you as me personally. General issues like this shouldn’t take that long. I just suggest that you get rid of them.

  2. Jenny Gnia on

    I remember the paypal problems that i had when i was with them. it took me over 4 months for my money to come threw, that is because i will call them everyday of the week, I would be very mad, you have no idea!!!! i finally got my money. they are lazy and if you don’t open your eyes, they will never give your money or information. horriable , never again.

  3. Joseph on

    This is typical of paypal. Although I will never understand the reason for their 6 month hold on funds. my belief is so they can make interest off our money. I would stop using them and fight for your money. They can’t hold it forever although they may try

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