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admin : Friday, October 1, 2010, 21:05

Frozen PayPal Account After Opening Student Accounts For Kids

I have been using PayPal to make purchases on eBay and have had no problems with PayPal until I opened a student accounts for my kids. After opening the student accounts, PayPal froze my own account for no apparent reason.  When I called PayPal customer service to resolve the matter, I was told that there were transactions in question that caused my account to be frozen.  The only transactions tying the accounts together would be the funds transfers between my own account and into the student accounts.

Then PayPal canceled my debit card, and my kids debit cards as well. Every time I call PayPal customer service to resolve the matter, I end up on the phone for more than an hour- most of the time sitting on hold.

I finally gave up and told PayPal that I wanted to cancel my account, and was told that I can’t cancel an account that has been restricted!

There are still funds in the student accounts, and I called PayPal again today (six months after the account was frozen) to see if anything had changed to where I could finally get the money out of the accounts. PayPal said that they would return the money in the student accounts  back to my account, and then I can withdraw the funds by transferring them into my bank account.

I am very disappointed in the way PayPal operates. I suppose they assume that since they have the monopoly on making and receiving payments for eBay transactions, they can do whatever they want to to their account holders.  Therefore, I refuse to use eBay anymore as well.

I certainly hope that another company will soon take the place of both eBay and PayPal. Their way of doing business is ridiculous, and so is the way they treat their customers.

Submitted By Sahat S.


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