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admin : Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 2:21

Phone Charges Per Minute For Frozen PayPal Account

I would like to complain about the level of service that I have received during the last 2 months, my PayPal account has been frozen twice now; once for the increased amount of cash flowing through the account and now for “suspected fraud”. I can appreciate that security is a must as I work for the UK’s leading bank, Barclay’s and I know what a pain in the backside data protection and security of accounts are;  But what has happen to me is a joke. I have made two calls on the 13th of April 2010 lasting a duration of 57 minutes as from what I can tell from the PayPal site will cost me £1.50 per minute. This is not right, as I have to use this service through my ebay account to receive funds. First of all I want a full refund for the call, for an error that has not been my fault. Secondly, PayPal needs to train their staff fully as many of the questions I have asked their representatives have not been answered. Because I worked for Barclay’s a financial banking company I know that PayPal is required to keep copy’s of the calls that have been received. So for the date of the 13 April 2010 at aprox 12pm I want the calls listened to and an explanation to why the advisers could not sort out my problem. From my account I can upload proof of address, but can only upload single documents at a time.  This is pointless, I think you should be able to upload a zip file so you can send more than just one thing at a time. I am really disappointed with PayPal’s service. All of this is because i have increased my ebay sales through PayPal!

Submitted By Michael Gates


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