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admin : Tuesday, July 24, 2012, 14:20

Frisco Woods Campground Nightmare

In Late July, I took my family to Frisco Woods Campground where I encountered numerous problems that make dealing with PayPal seem like Christmas morning.

Upon arriving, I immediately noticed 4 disturbing things. #1, the mosquitoes were unbearable. Imagine being attacked by a swarm of blood suckers upon exiting your vehicle. #2, Everyone was French Canadian and extremely Unfriendly to those who were NOT. #3, This place is literally in the middle of nowhere. Prepare to drive 2 or more hours to see any famous sites in this area, other than a lighthouse which is honestly boring. #4 The lagoon  beach looks like brown canal water and the sand looks like dirt. In order to get here, you have to travel for hours down narrow 2 way bridges that extend for miles. The speed limit is 35-45mph on these bridges and people like to pass you in the oncoming lane going about 70mph. To say this is one of the most dangerous stretches of road in North Carolina is to put it mildly. Do yourself and your family a favor and go to a nice beach in northern Florida , where the water is blue, the sand is white, and the people are friendly

Bottom line: Frisco Woods Campground in North Carolina is a horrible waste of money and makes for a terrible vacation.


One thought on “Frisco Woods Campground Nightmare
  1. Post-it King on

    Wow that sounds like a night-terror to me. My paypal problems started months ago. I sold an iphone to a man in India who contacted paypal and told them that I shipped a replica. What the hell?!? I’ve never even seen a replica! Well leave it to paypal to side with the con-artist buyer. They told me that I wasn’t covered under the protection because I didn’t have proof that I sold a authentic product. Of course I didn’t have proof; the product itself was now halfway around the world. I refuse to work with them ever again. I’m out a really nice phone plus $400. Paypal is the pits!

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