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: Tuesday, July 10, 2012, 10:08

Fraudulent unauthorized transactions

I had 5 fraudulent transactions occur against my paypal account last Thursday. I immediately sent emails, following paypals protocols to notify them of the fraudulent transactions. They responded with automated replies to let me know they were checking on them. I then called to ensure they were following up, and they said they were following up with the SELLERS to ensure they were actually fraudulent! When I look at the details of the transactions on my account they are clearly purchases with other user’s names and mailing addresses and MY BANK ACCOUNT details. I tried to remove my bank account from the paypal account and they would not allow it because of the pending transactions which are all of the fraudulent transactions. I had to contact my bank and put a block on my bank account to prevent the funds from being sent to these sellers. Today is Sunday and when I called Paypal customer service again I was told they were waiting for the sellers to confirm these are fraudulent sales, and it could take up to 10 days? I will now be contacting the sellers myself, using the details on these transactions, to let them know that I did not make purchases from them and they will not be getting their money, even though 2 of the three have already shipped their products to somewhere that is NOT my address. I am shocked and completely disgusted of this violation of my financial security with a company that claims it is the SAFE way to buy. It sure is, for thieves!

Submitted By:: Susie

Location-: Grand Rapids Michigan

2 thoughts on “Fraudulent unauthorized transactions
  1. nanny on

    You got that right. Paypal is the biggest organized crime organization in the world. There is no other company that legally aids as much fraud as paypal. I am sure there are probably thousands of unauthorized transactions ever day that they do nothing about. Just let the scum get richer while the honest people pay for it. It is truly disgusting.

  2. Lysha on

    You could not be more right Susie. They protect thieves better then their own customers. I had someone fraudulently purchase something with my paypal account and guess what they didn’t believe me even after the investigated. After that I said screw paypal and went with another processor

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