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admin : Friday, November 5, 2010, 14:08

Fraudulent Transactions Deplete PayPal Bank Account

PayPal permitted numerous, obviously fraudulent transactions against my account in a single day. These transactions completely depleted the checking account associated with my PayPal account.

When I reported the fraud, PayPal resisted reimbursing me. When they finally did reimburse me, they then harrassed me with numerous calls claiming I owed them hundreds of dollars. Their next step was to hire a debt collection agency.

All of this because they have no fraud prevention mechanisms (or they are faulty) and are apparently unable to understand their own transaction system. I had to close all of my bank accounts and credit cards  which were associated with PayPal, and now have to fight with a debt collector.

Shame on PayPal!

Submitted By:: dcs

Location: New York, NY


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