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admin : Thursday, January 6, 2011, 10:00

Fraudulent Seller Behavior, PayPal Not Supporting Customer

I ordered a body part (fuel filler door) for my car from an upstate NY used auto parts company. The part was represented as being the correct color & ready to install. He painted the part himself and the color didn’t match- not even close. Vendor gave me only a 50% refund, and Paypal did not support me.

My lesson from this experience: N E V E R, EVER, EVER use Paypal again. Either Visa or Mastercard would have fully protected me in this case. Why on earth fool around with this “Paypal” nonsense if you can use good old Visa or Mastercard or, as in my case, find a vendor who takes a credit card.

I had an extremely straightforward case and Paypal did not protect me.

Credit cards are why mail order really took off in the USA & account for much of why consumers risk doing business with distant strangers. As far as I’m concerned, using Paypal is like sending a seller a certified bank check or cash.

Submitted By:: David

Location: Westchester County, NY, USA

One thought on “Fraudulent Seller Behavior, PayPal Not Supporting Customer
  1. Pete on

    I agree with David. Even on Ebay some sellers are accepting credit cards. I had a clearcut case as well. A smooth talking con artist by the name of Kent Kurt (Ebay ID: Member id codeinekent) out of Gilbert, Arizona sold me a “like new” Tube Works amp. It arrived on a cold day. I did suspect anything, sounded good but slightly lifted carpet on top but I left positive for the crook. Hours later the room reeked of cat urine. I tried to get the crook to take it back but neither he, nor Ebay nor Paypal would provide the return address. They all found in favor of him saying the amp was per the seller’s description. So cat urine soaked items can be sold on Ebay! I am now in the process of doing a chargeback through the bank. I will be closing my Ebay and Paypal accounts. Ebay thus far has not removed the false positive the crook left for me. Apparently these punks think they are above the law. So I have BBB and Attorney General complaints that I’ve sent. An Federal Trade Commission complaints to follow against both Ebay and Paypal.

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